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Domain Authority / Page Authority checker.

In the eyes of Google not all websites are equal. Some sites get tons of search traffic from Google each day (think of Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB…), while others are struggling to show up in the SERPs (Search Engine Result pages). There are two major factors influencing the performance / rankings of your website in search:

  • Authority – The authority of a website is based on the number of external backlinks, the quality and relevance of these links.
  • Content – Great content is key, but needs authority to really excel. If you’d like to know more about content optimization I would suggest checking out the content tools available in this section.

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The Website Authority Checker helps you to quickly check the authority of a website to give you a very strong indication how well a website can perform in Google.

The available metrics measured by this tool:

  • Domain Authority score (DA) – The calculated authority for the complete website / domain, on a 1 – 100 scale.
  • Page Authority score (PA) – The calculated authority for a specific page, on a 1 – 100 scale.
  • Backlinks / external links pointing to a specific URL or domain.
  • Website age and URL Age (estimation)
  • Social Media score – The total share count from: Facebook and Pinterest

How and when to use this tool?

There are multiple situations where the Website Authority Checker is the tool to use, to get the data a insights you need.

  • To check the current authority of your website and or specific pages you’re building links for.
  • To research the SEO strength of an competitor in the organic search results.
  • To know the value of new links pointing to your website.
  • To examine new linkbuilding opportunities.

What is Page Authority score?

Page Authority score is a metric, developed by SEMrush, to predict the ability for a specific page to rank in search engines. Page authority is calculated based on a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. A high Page authority score means your page has more potential to rank well in the search engine results.

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What is Domain Authority score?

Domain Authority score is a metric to predict the ability of a website / domain to rank in search engines. Domain authority uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. A high Domain authority score means your complete website / all the pages on your domain have the potential to rank well in search engine results.

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What is a good Domain Authority score?

To determine a “good” Domain Authority score for your website it is advised to compare your domain against your organic competitors.

  • Step 1. Discover your organic competitors in search. (Tool suggestion: SEO competitor checker)
  • Step 2. Add all your competitors to the bulk Domain Authority checker.
  • Step 3. When you have completed the Domain Authority check, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find the average DA an PA for your query.
  • Step 4. Compare the average Domain and Page Authority score of your competitors with your score to see how you stack up.

How to improve your Domain Authority?

Because Domain authority is calculated based on link based metrics, you should focus on getting relevant quality backlinks from high authority domains. This is easier said than done, so to get you on your way I’ve developed the Free Link Building Tool that will help you to identify: Guest post, Resource listings and review link building opportunities.

Best Practices:

  • Try to get backlinks form high ranking websites relevant to your subject / niche.
  • Try to get links to specific key pages that have the potential to do well in search.
  • Try to get backlinks form Authoritative Domains.
  • Try to get backlinks on a natural way. For example by producing research, infographics or in-depth content.


  • Getting a lot of low quality links pointing to your website.
  • Link exchange, exchanging links with third party websites.
  • High numbers of exact match [unnatural] anchor text backlinks
  • Comment spam or other forms of manipulating link schemes.

Make sure to follow Google’s quality guidelines:

Domain age vs Website age

This tool calculates Website age because it’s a better and more relevant SEO factor to measure compared to domain age. Especially when you compare Domain and Page Authority, website age shows you how a domain has developed over time. A Website age of 6.4 years means a website is 6 years and 4 months old.

  • Domain age – the number of years since a domain has been registered.
  • Website age – the first time since a website appeared on-line

Checkout this article by Ann Smarty on the subject “Domain age vs Website age”: In this video, Matt Cutts explains the difference and importance of Domain age (no value) and Website Age.

Tool suggestion

Improve your website authority? Use the Valuable Backlink Tool to check your competitors backlink profile and get some vital insights. Who is linking out to your competitors and would they be willing to link to your website? Analyse your most important competitors and start building new relationships and links. Receive more quality backlinks, based on Domain / Page Authority, and improve your chances to rank for relevant search terms.

  • Backlink checker
  • Free Link Building Tool
  • Website Checker / SEO Audit

Change log:

  • 05/13/2020 – Replaced the MOZ API by the SEMrush API.
  • 09/14/2017 – Added Ahrefs API for backlink count.
  • 10/072014 – Removed PageRank (because it’s no longer supported by Google).
Free Domain Domain Authority checker - SEO Review Tools (2024)


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