The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio (2024)

Investment Piopattj For Sal 1 I Unlutnijhed For Rent 10 THE CINCINNATI I It Tl l.NIHY liKI MUHt 2R, P1GE lo End A Marv R- K' ne of mother of Mis I IVcetnn-r 26 VITAL STATISTICS WH.I.MMK. r.erj, i HAHTWKi. Prank P. i I HIRS1 HUO, Rather ne) HI MilMJ Nettle KtllWARTZ. Katie MIIR4N.

Wra E. HlMtf MKR, Jos MARRIAGE LICENSES. C. Palmer, 51 years oM. 704 rurreii Annua, uphilsterer.

and I.iHun Pearl Grow, 41, Kiottrr Street, opera-tor Clarence Leo Kenwood. 45. 14:15 Central Avenue, chaulleur, and Afcnes alanon, 30. lii Central Aenue. Irving J.

Hrltman, 39. New York Coy Inanuiacturrr, and Betty Batn, 810 Js'orib Creacent Avenue. -aeph B. Ilacey. 25.

12M Wff Avenue, l.ipu'e riant, and M. Kettfier, lit. 4618 Vina Street, typtat. Willi II. Waite, 3.

Coiaddals, Ohio, letup man, and Harriet N. Prescott, 34, 204 George Street, operator. James E. Randall, 35. Portsmouth.

Ohio, A B. Seaman, and Mabel 1. Brock, 23. 4431 Alltaon Street, Norwood, operator. Peter Kelt.

34. 938 Bank Street, sol-dier, and Mildred Rob.naon, 28. 1716 Weet-ern Avenue. Woodrow E. Klonti, SI, Oshorn, Ohio.

Ireohanic, and Norma jane Shjillharger, 22, Burlington stenographer. Clement 0, Meyers. 83, 3J27 Montgomery Road, operator, and Kar.nie Jump, oo, mo? Lexington Avenue. Norwood. Attilio Otto Omnia, 23, 8014 Wayside

rooter, and Beatrice Berwancer, 22, 4J; Klrby Road, typist. George Warren Henry, 24. Blankfort, Idaho, physician, and Dorothy Davis oruen-Inger. 21, 31elf Victor Avei.te, Edwin Siott Menial, 2" 1948 Wllary Terrace, Lieutenant, and Betty Elklna, 23, 923 Merwm Street. Stanley V.

yidrick, 29, Camp Khelby, soldier, and Alice Kamphaus, 24. 718 Elberon Avenue, bookkeeper. Jerome L. Krummen, 29, 4029 Harding Avenue, dlemaker, and Helen Sargent, 24, 02 Harding Avenue. William C.

Curry, 27, 147 Earn CUtton Avenue, assembler, and Kecia Young, 22, 217 Sens Sireet, operator. Cliff C. Ransom, 23, 1940 Vinton Street, nldier, and Virginia Valenttne, 21, 1645 tjueen City Avenue, Inepector. i WEATHER CONDITIONS. Station.

Max. Min. Chicago, 111 41 33 Forth Worth, Texa 43 40 Huron, S. 26 1 Kansas City, Mo 32 2," Memphis, Tenn 42 Min'apolis-St. Paul, 20 16 Moline, 1)1 3S 3': North Piatte, Neb 33 21 Omaha, Neb 2fi 16 St.

Louis, Mo 43 So Cincinnati (Airport) 42 33 Columbus, Ohio 40 36 Detroit, Mich 43 34 Indianapolis, Ind 38 34 Knoxville, Tenn 4 43 Louisville, Ky. 42 37 Miami, Fla. 82 71 New York, N. 49 35 Pittsburgh, Pa 40 S6 Washington, 66 3'2 PARDON TO BE ASKED. A service will be held at 5:15 o'clock Friday afternoon at St.

Xavier Church to ask God's pardon for failures of the last year to thank. Him for blessings received. Acts of reparation and consecration will be recited during solemn benediction, which will be concluded with prayers for peace. The people that sot in darkneu taw a great light. 1943, John Howard Harrla, A 11 A MM George G.

Adams, aged 78 years beloved husband of Margaret Adams (nee itonif), devoted father of Dr. William li. Adams, Merrltt W. Adams, Mrs. Lo-rena A.

Blum, Mrs. Henry Hohmaistar, Mrs. Carl K. Stoffregen, Saturday, De cember 25. 1943.

Funeral from the Vornis funeral home, 5501 Montgomery Norwood, Tuesday, December 28, at 2 p. m. BOllS Hajel Dooley Botts, beloved wife oi h. A. Butts, mother of Joyce Botta.

daughter of the late William H. and Mary Dooley 2100 Cleneay Nor wood, Bunnay, December in. 1843. Services at the W. Mack Johnaon funeral home, McMillan at Upland Tuesday, December 28, at 2 p.

m. BROWN Susie F. Brown, of 155 Bank- lick Covington, beloved slater or cnariej w. and Ben L. Brown, Mon (lay, December 27, 1943.

Services at cnanea A. smith Sons ftmeral home, 4th and Park, Newport, Wednesday, at 4:40 m. LLouiiviiie papera pieaee copy. 3 COLLI Mary Cox Collins, wife of the late Harry Peera Collin, mother of Mrs. Norria Hook and Mary Cnx Collins.

Saturday, December 25. 1943: residence. 663S Hamilton ave College Hill. Friends may call at the Clarence A. Baiter funeral home.

3412 Clifton Clifton, Monday, from 4 to Id p. m. Servlcia at Grace Episcopal Church, corner of Hamilton and Belmont College Hill, Tuesday, December 28, at 2 p. m. William J.

(Mickey) Connelly, bploved eon of John and Julia Bain Connelly and brother of Mrs. Loretta Revercnmb and John Connelly, at ma residence, 020s Whetsel Madl-onville, Su.iday, December 26. 1943. Remain at the Dunn Lashbrook funeral home 61H Madiaon rd. Requiem high mass at si.

Anthony Church, 'Wednesday, December 29, at 9 a. m. Friends may call Tuesday after 1 p. m. sI)RADI)Y Raymond F.

Draddy. beloved husband of tne late Eleanor Neal Diaddv. eon of Mary Noonan Draddy and brother or Lucne ana Alice uraddv. Bundav. De eember 28, 1943, at his residence, 3100 wooaourn ave.

uneral from J. J. Bui-livan Co funeral home. 133 E. Mc Millan at Bail pi.

Requiem high maaa fit. Xavier Church, Wednesday, December 29, at 9:30 a. m. Members of 1-e- land M. Barnctt Post, No.

123, assemble Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. ri.ACH Amslla Kruse Flach, wife of the late Jacob C. Flacn. mother of Louis Kugene A.

and Walter A. Flach of Allen- tnwn, and Mrs. Brown Goodrich, and slater of Mrs. Thomas Barlow of Syracuse, N. Friday, December 24, 1943.

Funeral services at the residence, 2938 FairfiPd East Walnut HiUs, Tuesday, at 2:30 p. m. BAHKN MRrgaretha Hagen. widow of jonn flagen, devoted mother of carl fingen, Mrs. Bimion Androne, Saturday, December 25.

1913. In her J3d year residence, 1587 Tremont at. Funeral from Rebold funeral home, Harrison and W'eatwood Falrmount, Tuesday, at i p. m. HA RHINO Anna Mary Hurweh Hardin, beloved wife of the late Richard A.

Harding, beloved mnther of Mary A. lemmmk, Catherine Oenklnger and Rich ard H. Hnrains; residence, 3838 Wash' lnEton ave. Funeral from Vltt and Stermer Western Hills funeral home, 3425 Harriaon Cheviot. Wednesday, lie tember 29.

1943, 8 a. m. Requiem high mass Martin cnurcn, a. m. BAMSKLMAN.V Christine Hasaelmann widow of Albert Hasaelmann, Sunday, December 26, 1943.

Remains at the Bamber funeral home, 3011 Woodburn ave. Services at Flnke Church, Osgood, Tuesday, Decembsr 28. at 2 p. m. BOLMES Frances M.

Holmes, sister of Mrs. John Mohler and Mrs. C. Downing, residence. 7n8 Overton Newport, Sunday, December 26, 1943, aged 96 veara.

Funeral from the John J. Radel Co. funeral home. 822 York Newport, Tuesday, December 28. at 2:30 p.

m. Interment Evergreen Cemetery. Bt 15MMDR Earl M. Huemmer, beloved husband of Joanna Leuvelink Hueminer, father of Carol Ann and Earl M. Huemmer.

son of Mrs. Rose Huemmer, brother of Mr. Edna Newton and Koy Huemmer, Friday. December 24, 1943; residence, 5918 Saranao College Hill. Friends may call at the Clarence A.

Baiter funeral home, 3412 Clifton Clifton, Monday, from to 10 p. m. Services Tuesday, December 2a, at 9 a. I NT-Bertha Hunt, beloved sister of Harry Joseph and Mra Katharine Blnj-monds of New York City, at realdence. 8300 Harrison ave.

Services Well funeral home. 3901 Reading Tnursaay, ue camber at 11 a. m. -sS a 4ami Hnlmrs I ST Hiieinmrt I Bn.n I it l(onnell Jnraddy tWb" I Hassalmann 1 CITT- ii I room brli I ll 111 lNtikin Kl HI Kr VI i 10, :3 NIMH ST. CITY 211.1 Vine: a moma an.l hri, w.inliMt.

I'A i i.iKiiiN mvi. Unit. MUKAV Kt 1 to. i iT bartviin A inner Oi. MA Cl-IrroN "lIVlilHTS-- r.i-nllv: k-r.

rent MO i07. Falrview 3-family, b-yb; jradca. I'N 11M1. HII.U NEAR i.umal-t pej house: 6 r. tile tMith ami kilchen.

hln-ftd BTi-'st-r. lot l.vlAi1: gi-rae: JIO T.Vi. W'UON. Kl 45--S, COLLKUB tULLrI "lamilyT flat; hardwoo-t. Lin.twall baths, kitcheua; 2 garages; loO-ft.

lot. Kl 0733. COtiUxiC HIl.L--3-famtfv;' ft'ami ba'lfC and bath. 2d COLLKtiK Hll.L-'-r'om bungalow; Ka raite: pertect shate; 84.950. Kl 04ss.

COVINGTON 1228 pika 4-room 2-fm- lly; De Mulct. CO 4758. HK 5797, DEER PARK BHli'K Bl'NOALOW. Five rooms, fioored 'id floor. Ilia bath and ahower.

metal framea. niarbla ailia. Venetian b'lnis. Insulated, built-in saraee; near I year old; lot prompt i-Bsesakn 16 o.i0 CHAS. 8 FAXON.

REALTOR. EA DEER PMiK Brick, i -floor plan; "ionisT. tile bath: excellent condition; priced for quick aa e. ur. Main.

JE 14.VV RAY SHARP CO. 8Y 83'8 EAST END 3.V12 Handman remnd-eler's opportunity; 8 rooms and 3 hatha; 2-car garage; needs repair; priced low. See JOHN D. MASMDN: VA tm. KIH1EMONT StT'Loula; 4roonis, bath, eakh Hp.trtinent: garagea.

VA 42-8. brick colonial; beautiful treea and vlewe; near the club. A bedrooma and 3 hatha. Call John Mitchell, EA 2386 ur 11A 1780 FRED'K A. SCHMIDT, INC.

EVANSTON-2 family brick: moat convenient location; brat construction; finest condition; 3 moma and bath, lat floor, 4 rooms and bath on 2d; lot 511x150. MR. EMMERICH. ME BIO, RE 136I1. EVANSTON- Two-family.

3 "rooms, bath each; 3 garann- Jti sou. W. C. HARPER ME 2115. EVANSTON---Bi-aiitlfiil A-rooin himse; Al' shape; Wo 7766.

rTrMiTCIlELI'ioer homes; il. 4 bedrooms; best hrallona. DROKUK. HE 8018 FT. like! new; Immi-dlHta posaeaslon.

HE 6732. FTT1 i()MA8 Beat 'local Tour" 4room apanmenta; hardwood floors: ma hatha; hot-water heat; priced to sell; shown by appointment onlv. OWNER HI 24U4. GOI.F MANOR-5 and 6 rooms; modorn; almost new bricks: all hardwood floors; hullt-tn garake, Insulated; priced rihht. The Kvers Really Plaia 0275.

PA t298, UN 4814. HORACE SUDDUTH Leading oolured real estate agency. 411 W. Fifth. CH 8710.

HYHB PARK Hersc her AveT near splendid 4-bedroom bouse, with tile bath and separate lavatory. 2d floor; servant's room, bath, 3d; well-planned 1st floor, center hall, library, front dining room, breakfast room, large, comfortable porch: 2-car gat-ana; hot-water heal; beautiful yard; lot 75x21)0. Price HARRY K. NIEMEYKR CO. MA 3019 HYDE PARK-Owner leaving city;" near Kllgnur school: modern brick colonial; center hall, large living room, library, streamlined kitchen, lavatory on lat; 4 larite bedrooma, 2 tile hatha on 2d; 2 rooms and bath, 3d A 1.1.

TODAY TA1.11ERT REALTY CO. EA 0806. HYDE PARK Obaervatnry Rd. large, pre tenuous 4-bedroom frame; malri'e room and bath; automatic hot-water heat, beautiful, larg" yard; $11,500. W.

MO.NCK. EA 4300-6918. room brick colonial; large living room, dining room, tile kitchen, breakfast nook, lat; 3 bedronme, tile bath, 2d; conalder amall hom*o In trade. ME 7321. HYI "1'A UK rdlsl rid "diafTnTrig atnall home of 2 bedrooma and small aew-lng room; 3 yeaia old; built-in garage; $8,500.

EA 19S9, BR 0528. HYDE PARK Modern 5-room semlbunga low; garage: ME 09ilt. UST YOUR PROPERTY FOR BALE WITH AI)AMCHAA8: CO 9869. MADIHON PlT Beautiful, modern 5rmm brick; 2 years old; unfinished 2d; steel casem*nt windows, marble sllla, all-tile bath, built In cabinets end garage, nice lociM Ion 38,800. BR 1270.

MADIHON iU Lovely 4-room bungalow; hardwood, Venetian blinds, nice basem*nt; large lot; detarhed garage. BR 1270. MARIEMCNT, NEAR 4104 EDITH BT, Madison Place; B-room, 1-rioor niun: excoiient condittnn: large corner lot, 75x150; price CALL, M. Jl. R.

MOHAWK And Vicinity Homes and Investments. WILLWERTH CO. CU 3207. MT. 1-iALTH 7 -room house on lot 6 by 135: garage for 5 cars; good garden nice condition; 37.000.

Johnson, Kl 2806. MT. WASHINGTON Red brick I ortlal, center hall, living room, dining room paneled breakfast room, tile kltrhen, 3 bedrooms, tile bath, 2-car attached garage; IW arrea ground. EA 8105. MT.

WASHINnTON-Three'-bedroom brick' near bua and achools. I'A 4752, JE 4540, MT. WASHINGTON 4 rooms; poultry house; lot 66x267; Bogart. BE 7365, 4-4T tliebalh; hot-water heat; garages; J.7,000. Kl 8513.

NOKTHHIDK -We have 1 and 2 family homes, ti.imo and up. can Kl 2Mf. NORWOOD, SOUTH Brick 3-family: 4 garagea; large porches; nice lot; on car line; must be sold to settle estate. ME 2100-0416. DOUGLASS fi.

HIGH, REALTOR. NORWOOD 1812 Hopkins Ave. 2-story 9 rooms, 2 baihs; arranged for 2 lam llles; lot 50x123 Only J6.0O0. CLENEAY NOUHHE CO. MAIS' 0060.

NORWOOD- 21.17 Cameron Ave 2 family; 5 rooma, bath, garage each; lot 75x171; yearly Income price first mortpage at 4V CALL M. H. KEITH. BR 1301V NORWOOD, 8. Elsmera flats; 2 baths; garage; $5,500.

MA 0312. OAKLEY Modern 6 rooma; excellent con dltlon; lot 77x110; garagea: make offer. Mr, 22, jk OAKLEY Modern 8-room. 2-famlly frame; hardwood floors, separate entrances; 2' car garage; nice lot. WA 9234.

PLEASANT RIDGE, NEAR Brick, 4 rooma and dinette, lat; large room, 2d all-tlle bath; garage; $8,850. JB 1RS0. PRICE HILL On car line; exceptionally well built brick; 4 apartmenta of 4 rooma each, on 80x175 foot lot; hot-water neat; fully rented; splendid 10 Investment $13,900. WA 54 75. PRICE HILL Practically new 2 faulty brick, 4-4; modern baths and kitchens; level lot; 2-car built-in garaK; porch must sell quickly.

WA .8701. PRICE HILL 2-famlly brli'k; 4-4-2; i baths, garage; AV 1711. $5,500, $1,000 cash. PRICE! HILL (NEAR) Brick, 4 flats and large store; lot 65x100. WA 3114.

ROSELAWN Attractive brick; l-floor plan with finished 2d. Check these features for value offered. You cannot duplicate It at present prirea. Haa large living room with log fireplace, full dining room random plank hardwood floora, 2 lovely bedrooma, tile kitchen and bath, and breakfast room on 1st: has built-in features throughout: only 2 years old. Also.

2 full bedrooms with tile lavatory and waahatand on 2d; fully Insulated; 2-car garage built In. Priced at $9,500. Shown by appointment only. AV 4269, UN ROSELAWN New homea; open today; 4, 6 and 7 rooms. For further detalla ROBT.WACHENIX)RF.

VA 1440. SEA HON' 8 Greetings to'nur "clf-ents. Huelaman'a Realty bervlce. CHerry 461)7. SilAWANOE TRAII-New homes; 4 rooms 86.000; 8 rooms, Duck Creek between Ridge Ave.

and Deerfleld. P. O. GRAVES. CH 2182.

Evenings: MISS SCOTT. EA 8881. 8ILVERTON Stoll Lane: new brlrlc colonial of 6 rooms, tile kitchen and hath with shower. Game room, gas-fired heat, one-car attached garage; one half block from tranaportatlon. Quotation by caning Roy Wood.

TE 2178. THE MYERS T. COOPER CO Erie and Edwards. EA 2780. 8ILVERTON Modern 8-room l-floor brick; unfinished 3d.

Call Kl 7980. TAYLOR'S CREEK 8-room modern; chick en house; lot 118x288. MO 6818-0684. WALNUT HILLS. Brick, with center hall, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, mald'a room and bath; an excellent buy at 110.800.

ROBT. jy STRONG. Realtor, eflt 11479. WALNUT HILLS -3-bedroom brick; near schools and transportation. WO 3888.

Walnut mCSs 47ietrTloom 2d Jhaulated $4 00.JE2fl30. A LN UT I I.L8 -Fs fr fa Ave near aiir field; neat frame, 8-8-2. W0 S721-5760 WESTWOOD Neat brick: 5 rooms and so- larlum; garage; only 87, 300. MO 1131. WYOMING SH-room home; modern; near stores, schools: 17, BOM.

JA 7123. Ruiineii Pioperty For Sal 2 AVAILABLE AT ONCE- Warehouses, factories, sidings; any site. Mr, Rafalo. PA 6793. CITY 1638-86 Central; factory; 06, 000 aquare feet; jprinkler; 1100,000.

UN 1464. CITY Brick. buiidlngi C-000 sq. ft railroad dock. JB 6242 TWO STORES Well b'eated; net.

MA 0700. WEST END Factory. 84.000 square feet 1 floor space; railroad sidin. WA 0838. Houia for Sale SHr.

Klil.K (nee iioimhl. hun t' 14j il iron I'ltrtKi A K.ll.r funeral! 3112 lidon ava Culton. Iou.em I bfun mass St Mauhpw him ri. Kui ii weaneauAy.

1'e ceTjer 2K, at 9 a. m. St Ml I.TE Herman A Sohillte. belr-ved h'ishan'l of lniis tnee Ktchen-lHUbi. at the reshlonce.

14 airmth FiTt M.n-hell. atnnuav. IV-remher 27. at.xl 7 ye.4r Funeral Thursdsy. Iiee-ember 3n.

frm the l.inne-mann fmi-ral home, J.s 27 K.aat Kleventh at 8 15 a. m. Kiu.em tmih mass at Biessrd Hacrament Church. Interment Mother of God Cemetery. HMITK-Oeoree ViTtlte.

at the realnVnce oi bia antar, Mrs. lieorge C. Hhaya, 344 Wooney Clnrinnatt, Ohio, Mondav. December 27, 1943. aired 69 yeare.

Funeral from the residence, Thursday, December 80, at a. with requiem mass at a. m. at St MarVa Church. Hvle Park, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Burial la Calvary Cemetery. Wll.KE-Rose Wlike (nee Wuebhlerl, beloved wife of the late Auanat Wuke and beloved mother of Kdward. Harry, Au-guat. Corporal Frank, Lawrence and Robert. Mrs Mane WUN-y and Mrs Anna Thuraer, Friday.

December 24, i43, in her 71et year; residence, 36 i-eini ave. -unaral from the residence, December 30. at a. aquiem nih maaa at our Lady of x-erpetuai iia.p Church at :15 a. KiGHT Geo nee T.

Wrlcht. beloved htn-band of Anne Young Wrlsht, beloved jainer or Marian w. Uawetson. Saturday lieomtier ilo, 1943. at residence, 6o27 iiamutcn ave.

Funeral services at the Chai. A. Miller snna funeral home, Hamilton ave. at Knowlton Norm- ivio, Auvouay, bl a p. ul.

VOI NO Clarence E. Young, beloved father or juanrtla Iarry Vonng, bdov brother of Mri B. Phelps of T04 vii, juonnay. December 20, 1143, at residence. e.St.fl North Winton Place, In his 59th year.

Friemls may call at the Chaa. A. Miller Sons funeral home, Hamilton ave. at Knnwiton Norlhslde. Monday evening.

Funeral ervirea ai me LiCKland Baptlat Church Tuesday, at i p. m. Ml AKA- Rev. Alphnnsa M. Znmlara, S.

at Jlllford Novitiate. Mllfo-d Ohio. fatumay, December 25. Wi. Office ot the Dead at 9 a.

Tuealay, Iieccmbcr xoiiuwea immcttiateiy by the funeral mass. World War I Miicallaneoui Nollcei 6 ELECTRICAL CO.VTRAUTORS 1600 WALNUT CORNER UllERTY KEENAN FUEL OILS CALL WO 1250. toil and Found hlte and brown, tag No. 815; in vicinity of Clark and Freeman answera name "Bob." Reward. Bradley, 1013 Baymlller Cincinnati, Ohio LOKT Saturday, 11 1 baa, cold link Inn.

brown fabric eonteaita, onnuiact. black combination, chaim nii billfold pwkelbimk rontainlni bills, ehanac. keva tall wo J7I. Keward. LOST-Ncar Nethcrland Plaia Hotel Xmas night, Jeweled eigma Nu fraternity pin-Initials J.

W. -43. Return to or notlly P. Box 119, North Vernon. Ind.

Reward. LOST Hamilton wrtat watch. B.stnrd.v afternoon, downtown business section liberal reward. G. C.

Stewart 317 fc. 7th LOST -Chrlafmaa pacKage betwecVTown: ana cheviot, containing bracelet rom cari reward, llu 1012 J. LOST-Ration Books Noa. 3 ancTaT alno Mrs. wniaay atamp, purse and 2o Anna Turpln, 953 Medosli.

PR 7904 iriamond wrlt watch; downtoun. LOST Tan leather uiineV-erm 'silt cap Hi-en old D. th kva TTV LOST Black co*cker spaniel, female rniinJ" named "Benle." REWARD, fa POINTER Large; iTver on white; nafnl reward, ME 1653. 3' No- John za ad, Dayton kjijnniBtcning allver; lost on Monteltn between Llnwood and Observatory f-hady Lane between Observatory and Kne, Dei-emher 23 Ea 4K60. Houw for Sale 1 AMITY HAS PROVEN MERIT wen-ouiii nncK has many features worthy of merit; conalata of living room dinette, kitchen with cabinet sink built-in cabinets; 2 bedrooms and tile bath, colored hath fixtures; situated on a level lot, with 50-foot frontage; garage la detached; owner was drafted, thus want, npnry new hf)m imiuMj, rALNTER, JB 0949, ATTR ACTI VV a 1 1 Ktn a i Aii f0r 'or the first time: on.

or ina most attractive red brick hunga. Iowa in Hyde Park. Two typea of per-iZ' ln.t""t"l- One may want aw'. I comfort nn utility of the ono Hoor (two roJmsi tor maid a quar-tor a. The other may be younger con i iS ambltloua gar- '-verytning inside and uecoratea.

spacious wl" "'I wall-to-wal that's hard to buy today uuiame garage with heat and atorase apace In small room above. All LarK, w(h shower bath. Space for poker gather- i laoiea roller aat-ing If vnu want m.w hn in- -i iianier. C-eUar olao has setup for boy's labora- In chemistry f1iiL'idUaLs lth Mai-llnkrodt chemicals that cannot bi nought todav w.i.r tlon. beaker.

LZi help to boy atudving "hJT, after leaving nigh Th. ki lm aeparaie. Large lot. Three big roae beda with many of the latest types. Including Plnochlo and "ei MrSurlt McBrlde.

Vegetable xariien. About tst nd breeder McCulloughs and Vaughns. All evergreens peat mosaed and sprayed against bag worm for next spring. Large roclc garden. Close to bus line, all churches and schools.

Large Kelvlnator, built-in a Kltmen cupboard and gas stove can quickly with persons who have ready cash. Sea It while furnished and then compare It with what you have seen In Hyde Park. Reasonably priced, compared to costs, but not cheap. Consult your broker or phone EAst 4393. Can only.

AVONDALE OlenwoodTbri( "3-family. i 3 parages; 10 000 GLENWOOD Brick, 3 apartmenta, :b.s, oaths, stoker. 2 garages; J12.000. L', 0131. N'.

mitcheliTTCveT-? bedrooms and bath on 2d; lavatory on it, maid quarters. Pa A VONDA LE 3428 Ridsewa yAve. 8-room mojungaiow; solarium. Brown. MA 0398 XB 4 Decide, call JOHN E.

MANTHEY Ynue ttimytnr TP ncn oiqi BELLEVUE 102 LAFAYETTEAVE7r room, modern frame. CO 2007. RONh UtT T. oiiincirAT 1VTT' HUSSION possible In this Engllsh-type wire-cut brlcg dwelling; 8 .1 hardwood floors, tile-floor bath, hot-water heat, built-in garage; near all conveniences: transportation 1 block. See this at once It won't last at price of $7,750.

For particulars SI Mr- with TK WARREM E. RICHARDS REALTOR, MA 0384. SOND HILL Two-floor 5 apacloua-room realdence: large living room, with nrepiace, tile bath, ample 'ot; near tranaportatlon $5,950. MISS WiT.TFB tirr BONrTHTLL Brick; 4 fiata; equlppidTile gas heat; Ideal location; sacrl- Oonnlng. MB 4545.

BOND HILL Beautiful room, l-floor mol'rn; bot-water heat; $8,950. WO r786-7777, nunu liiu, New 6-roora home; lavatory on 1st; 2-car garage; corner lot; gas neat; leaving cltv a.eeifir. iv. ma SOND HILL room brick burgaiow; tile htn Ifllf-haan. 9U firm r.c-r.

CAMP WASHINGTON 1019 Straight, near Boulevard: brick; flats; 2 Inside toilets. City 1718 Main: brick; flats. $2 250. riu.uiuil et SON. MA 2729.

A RTH A fiS 2-fam- nn 2d 1 on 3d; new stoker and furnace; kit 75x155 2-car detached garage: cloaa to cooois, cnurcnes and transportation home and Invcatmcnt: VA 5980. CHEVIOT Out; practlrally new; large Ilv. lng room, modern kitchen. 2 bedrooms, tile bath, hardwood floora: huht-m Ka raite; rathaRener; unflniahed second WEOERT. MO 1225-2168.

CHEVIOT 1 squarV'to bus- moderni-! large, 1 small: 2-car garage; lot 50x245 86,700, MO 4350. CHEVIOT Neat modern 3-room. l-floor plan; gajheat garage; $5,500. MO 27 t5rIEVI0t Choice mmar jatnrYYrd apart, menu; asking 115.000. MO 4403.

CHEVIOT Two miles out North Bnd Rd. 8-room Brick bungalow. MO 1111. 1. Seymo- Kit 1 us 5 rice ruooi adults At.

I'EIW. EA 1" Ml; Hi- 71 It Bo Ml HII.l hnt-w he-it furnished; lo.ll T-wue sr- 8t I ClUAIOl' (Neari 1171 l'ie. 4 r---nis. bath; b- RaraK- 4 imh, 2d adiilia: Jil. MA 1VI5.

Mi1ern 3 pine dinette, heat, Kr-ct-ta-re. ranne. Venetian shades tile hath shewer. en availatiie January 15- 50. WO i i.l ivruru sr.

is. wi- 4 bath. heat, hot water; MA UVDE PAKE 31-4) Erie. .1 modern kitchen cnmpleti-lv rqitipped. redecoraltst: adults only.

Ay rt. liiiey" St' heat, gas, electric: 1st or -d fUwir, $47 50; references. MA 4759, PA 217(1. NORTH NORWOOD 2119 Feldman 8 rooma, 2d floor; newly decorated; adulta, $J5 month; available Dec. 27.

NORTH "NiiRVYiorvJH Fl.lmanAva": close to buses; 3 rooma, newly decorated. stove and icebox: adulta: J25 Pt'NlM -Reading" RXTuid ltutcntna aincia rooma for ladlea; on car and bua linea. PRICF HILL'S lart-e' 1st tloor; $30 A OURS for appointment; after 7 M. 548 Roaemont. ROSELAWN New" (2 bid rooms tile kitchen.

Krunlalra. range Venetian shadea, tile bath, ahower, ga rnge. Insulated adulta; $78. WO 3333. WAUNl'T 1111.1.

EAST-6 rooma; heat, noi water. Pi. Houiei for Rent 11 HYDE PARKElve-room: asbestos ahtngle level lot; $4.9511. BARKER. KA 4036 Houiei.

fuiniibecl for Bent 11-A CI.H-TON -Beautiful T-room, I baths; good location, av 2iHi. FT MITCHELL. KY. Rldgswood; 4 rooms; completely furnished; gas, electric, water CO 1315. WANTED-Couple or 2 business girls ti ahare attracllvely ftlmlslied modern liotne, everything complete, heat, BR 0528 WKSTWWlIv-fwrrnlng dence.

completely fiirolahail. 2 Ilia hatha showers garage, mald'a room and bath healing, $110. WO Buaineii Placet Fat Rani 1Z CITY- Southwest corner 4th and Sycamore Store and basem*nt, heat and hot water furnished. HEAL ESTATE DEPART MENT PROVIDENT SAVINGS BANK CHerry 6111. COI.ERA1N AVE Loading dock; platform.

Kl 4604 65H6 LItillT A NU EAC I'l 111 NO "rKlNTTNCj Various Hl Wpaees EDWARDS BIMLPINO, h'28 WALNUT BT. PArkway 4018 MEET I NO HAI.L FOR CLUbTTSDOC OR UNION. CALL PA 8368. Ollice-Deik Room For Ronl 13 ATTRACTIVE OFFICES Various sl'es; jaaauiiahla MA 1671 BLYMYKR' BtllUMNO, 514 MAIN Modern iilflces and dealt apace; low rent.

EDWARDS HUII DINdT 828 WALNUT Mf ATTRACTIVE SPACE VARIOUS SIZES PArkway 4018 UNITED BANK BUILDING Southeast corner Third and Walnut: office apace available; eultahle for aalesmen or manufacturera' repreaantatlve; low rental. Call MA 64110, Line 319. Moving, Trucking, Storage IS rill 7Cn tai Distance mov-Vl1 storage: estimates tree. Wanted To Rent IS WANT TO RENT a farm, about 78 or 100 acres; caah or share. MA Rent Rooms and Board 17 GREY MANOR 188 EAST MeMlLLAN Rooms with or without private baths; delirious food.

AV furnished Rooms To Rent It A LAROE front room; cooking: fi I or steam heat, car, bua UN 8:108 AVONDALE Room for 1 orTVdles. twin heda, ptlvilegea, near Reading a. ll, niiu; can ii to CITY 2 riKiuia; heat, hot walar, shower; on car Una; 29U7 McMlcken Aye or Kl 8371, CITY 613 E. 3d; 1 and 2 room houae keeping apartmenta; also sleeping rooms; at cam heat; to fl'i week. Ill 8UU6 CLIFTON -Allrartlvn room; breakfast op tlonal, shower.

4:18 laidlow Ava. WOod burn 1)9 HI, LIKTON Marburg Hotel, MO laidliiwl day, week, month; reaaonable. AVIlfl. COLLEflE HU.Ij- lively room; In prlvnti home; on bua line; hualneaa girl. Kl 7127.

MAYFA1R HOTEL 212 Fldh Bt. aleepltig rooms, light housekeeping, 87 up. Opposiis new hue station. NEWPORT 2 I.KIHT HOUBKKEEPINO AIO SLEEPINO ROOM. CO "Ml.

NEW KOCH HOUSE 313 SYCAMORE 300 ROOMS nno par nlkhi; 13 week up. Pa 8664. Ona of the cleanest Hotels in Town. 1'nn e. 1111.

1, .1.101 rniinpa large room; eieam heat; aquare to car board optional, OR 2578. PRINCETON' 431 Elm; rooms 7.V- 81 80; week 83.80 up WALNUT HII.1.8- 2M8 Bell Pli; large 3d, front; housekeeping; adults. WALNUT HILLS Fur colored; 1 sleeping room, on bus line. iin.i. Dnlurniihed Rooms To Rent 13 CITY 2 2 room flats; Inside toilets; market location.

Also free flat for janitor services. AV li14 RJ RH 1 dS -2 04 Carpenter St 3 rooms newly decorated; U. MA 1100. Positions For Woman 22 Working Mothers! If you are worried about proper rare of your children during working hours, consult F.mergeney Care (Office of Civilian Defense). Phone CH BI (.1111.8 AND DISHWASHERS 4 'ol-ored; full-time Jobs.

Alma and Iloepke unii, 1100 Main street. BUS filKJJ) (21- Experienced; excellent salary; steady work. Irman'a Avon dale Restaurant, 3911 Reading Road. CASHIER -Experienced; excellent, salary; steady work, urmani Avondale Res taurant. 3911 Reading Rd.

CLERK With general office experience; typing ability desirable; permanent poal tlon with pleaaant working conditions. Must comply wim WMC regulations Trailer Co. of America. HE 2.123. CLERK Typing required; other expert ence unnecessary.

Muat comply with WMO regulatlon.PA 1468. COOK and wait table; refined; private home; in atay; giva rererence end expert ence. Address Annex 0. Box ft Cincinnati, 14. Ohio.

COOK White, experienced; muat have good referencea; excellent wages; booaeworli, near car Una. Phone- W0 8168 between 8 P. and 7 P. COOK and downstairs vriirkt experlenc and reference required; excellent pay; near ear line. AV 1819.

COOK Plain cooking; atay; references re quired. For Interview call MA 2427 C(HK and upslafts work, reference. Call BEechmont 7488. COOK and housework; re(srance; blgh salary, call PA 1106, 8-6. DICTAPHONE OPERATOR Muat be available lrrrmedlataly.

expert eneed. Phone Mr Bader. CH 8232. IHNIN1 ROOM Til RLWHITK. Mra.

Lancdon Laws. EA 1166. ELEVATOR OPERATORS White; aged 18 to 28. Apply etn floor, caraw Tower EXPERIENCED white girl for rooking and light hoosekaeplng for family of 81 atay oa place; nice room with oath; top wages to right perana. Call 2664.

EXPERIENCED Nl'RBEMAlD Care of B'-hool children and upatalra; no laundry or cleaning: reference, blfh wages. Call pa lion, -a. EXPERIENCED MAID for rooking and eteneraJ housework; no laundry; stay on place; good wages. Ia7 7666. GEN RA ir HOUHEWOKTC-Friio'm apart ment; full or part time; stay or go AV 3432.

GENERAL HOUSEWORK Plain cooking. no laundry; reference. ON 2i.iT. CilKI For lee cream and sandwich atore Neff Dairy Wtore. 3827 Beading Bd.

OI Rlr -While "to" aaaliit In dental "office. 22 W. Seventh St. OIRI. after school.

Call UNIverslty 6848. OIRIe With or without bindery sniiertenne. i tnry Th( Todd SM Sixth St ATTENTION, INVESTOUS. if v. an Invest ment i-roviae fci-od and pcrmnli.

if In, 'ne then lnvestiaata iliHM'town ot 'i a and Lifts, om'e a year, price its tei nis SIMMONS AI. ESTATE CO. East Eighth St. ''A 1262 CITY Central. LtLk.

apartments and bailie, priced riKtit. LO 7.V-9 W. t'H 4470. RFI.IAr.IJS rtEALTY CO. EXCE1J.ENT BRICK 8-apartmenl big Lrtrgain.

inronic Jt.o ahows net, Wlt.l.UMS, UK no.i.l INVESTMENT PROPERTY Oll SALE UK MT. AUBl; UN-FINE BKCTfON 5 APAnTMKNTS-Also Janitor's AU-bnck; 3-nm, all-llla baths; riot-water heat, (as-nred or coal stoKer; guragea, 70-ft lot: yearly income. $2,928 Mr. Meeko, JE 1724. Gould ME 86S8 NEW" FOl'R-APARTMENT' All brick, tile roof; tilr-eciuipped kltchana: pains, noi-wat-r neat: 4-car garaiie Ideal Rental trficatlnn.

WILL TAKrl PROPERTY IN TRADE. W. D. DAVIS. REALTOR WO 075 NEW, DE Ll'XK 4-APARTMENT BUILD ING Good locution: pneed low: or coa-alder email trade.

Phone ME 8M4. HARRISON 1 GREEN RKAl.TOR. IMCW ADnDTHI'MTC lOtolJ lilII Ml nil I ll I lnvestm't. Will take your property la trade. VA 2247 PLEAS A IU DOE "27 10 kieaT" Ave-; new 4 apartment brick; $17,500.

MO 1133. WILL- BUY- aecotui" Binngage fdiacount Address Box 23, cure The Enquirer. Farmi, Country Homei Fot Sdlt 4 A COUNTRY HOME cloaa In: 1 acre plant ed to fruit, hemes, beautiful perennial llowera; lovely modern white eemibungA- low; stoker; 10 tons coal; gaiage; cluck- en house; 8H0. SY 8788. CO.

611 acres; good 8-room house, furnace, electric, barn, poultry houaes; good fencing; D. Wi BEELERi BUlLDlNd SITE Near Amelia; 3 acres. level, eelf-dratning, on good road, mile off highway; mall: electric at door; $100 OHAH. A. FREEMYEK, AMELIA.

(Hill) DRY KIDOK houae. bam garage, electric, furnace; near scnooia, cliuri-ll. Mntigtas 83J2 S. CARMC L. O.

HOPKINS. COUNTRY rflmVIO 510 MAIN ST. HOMEaV FARMS'" AND COiiNTRY HOMES WM I (iEL, OHIO. GI.ENDAI.E 24 acres; 8-room house, barn, oilier buildings; electric, plenty water. 1.5D0 feet road frontage; $12,000.

H. IIANDLEY, Realtor. VA 2060 INDIAN HILL Large or small' properties. Carl A. Cllpplnger, Realtor.

CH 3412. KKMI'Elt Rl). Adjoining Sharon Wo.i'il, (he county's moat beautiful park: a l'v- alorv hrick bungalow: onlv 4 veara old; has 4 bedrooms: 2 acres of ground; must ba sold Immediately; tirl-ed very reasonable. Call MR. McCl.ANAHAN, JE 1578, or CH Hll, with ROBERT A.

CLINK, INC. LLOYD E. McNAIR FARMS AND COUNTRY HOME. "Wtirramsminrr rtr SflfhT. 170 acres.

Mason; a beautiful modernlaed home: tenant house; atnrk and toola: can be purchased reasonably. 2 acres. IjOvHand: 4-room home: chicken house, cow narn: ii a made a living for Us owner; 2 aquarea from bua. Pliny A. ft J.

B. Johnston SY 7427 134 ACRES Near Williamsburg, good 10-room houaa, basem*nt, 2 ha ma, other farm buildings; gtiod producing farm: 2-acra tobacco base; plenty water; $8,500. THE FRANK MAI.ICK CO. MA 4084; 80 ACHES- On highway: level; good loca tion and hiilldlngti easy tertna. C.

RATI. IFF. LEBANON, OHIO, 48fl-AI'RE STOCK FARM Fine land and buildings; 80 par acre; bargain, call OF.O. HENKLE. Pinna 2, Lebanon.

Lots and Acteage For Salt 5 to A ACRES Buy now, build later; 8730 up. H. I WAlilir.ijL. ne; i.iihi. Real Eitale For Exchange PRICE HILL Olenway; large corner business lot; T-mnm brick bouse; weather stripped; fireplace; hardwoial floors; slate roof; 2 garages; sell or trade for small 1 family.

WA 3873. WantedReal Eitata A CASH BUYER FOR ANY PROPERTY PRICED TO BELL. D. M. ZE1.I.MAN, 4 Seventh.

MA 6842 BUYERS" 'tor" 1 and family hom*os; also 4-apariment hutldtnga. E. M. COBTELLO A SONN MA O.HJ CASH CASH CASH FOR YOUR REAL EST ATS AT ONCE. KEItl.EY.


CASH BUYERS for'any kind of real Wa Inspect your property. IRWIN FRIEMAN. AV 2882. CASH BrfY't5riH ior'l or 2 families; frioa Hill, Westwood, Cheviot. WA (1628.

apa'rtnTent; anv suburb. LOHMEIElVMO 2R41-4803R. Cknll buyer lor" your properly. 6. V.

LAUOII, Kialtor. ME 074. JE 2948. FACTORIES, WA REHOUSES, I5FT SPACES All rliea; buy or leaae. I IAIB- TERM ANj-FAHT, Realtora.

PAJI243; FIVE or room htaian wanted; will buy quick If located within Id mlnutea driving dlatance of Milling Machine (Oakley). Ad-Ursa Box Ell, care The Enquirer. HOMES WANTED- Pleaaant Rlilge, SllVar- lon, Kennedy, oeer park, Kenwtiod. guick action. K.


F. O'BRIEN CO, REALTOR, CH 8717. Provident Bank Bldg. HI 1270 MT. WASHINdON OWNERS It's the results that count! We believe that we can honestly say that our sales In your suburb exceeded those of any other of- nca in i4.i.

iivt ua a rail. OSCAR JC. BAUMAN CO.EA 4343 ONE OR TWO FAMILY Cash; Walnut Hllla, Ml. Auburn, corryvllle. WO S021 WALNUT HILLH-2 and 3 room efficiency anartmenta, with or without refrigerator to 842.80.

Call UN .19:18. WANTED Home In I'leaaant Ridge near car Una; niuat have 3 or 4 bedrooma, with lavatory on 1st floor; price range Ml, 1)00 to (18,0181. Phone r. 7438. WE If AVE CASH BUYERS for property located In Deer Park, Hllvsrton, Pleaaant Ridge, Kennedy Heights and Hyde Park.

For quick results call JE14444. H. D. HAYRE. J81 444S.

WK HAVE BUYERS for your property McCI.URE, Realtor. JE 7S21. WILL pay caah for houaea In auburban sections. STEWART Realty. MA 2106 Furniihad Aparlmenli Fot Rsnt AVONDALE -3 full rooms, heat, hot wat er, gas.

electric; no linens, silver or dishes; .10. AV 2.126-4318. AVON DA LE 2 nice rooma, "private adults; week; parking. AV 407a. AVONIMLK 3M7 ItoseTiale 2 roorna, bath; Frtgldalre; range; 810 80, AV 53M CLIFTON 451 Lu'riln'w Avei; lovely' 3- roorn; reaaonahle, AV 7280.

KEMPER LANE HOTEL Cincinnati's Smartest Apartment Hotel, foi permanent and transient guests. M. Sweeney, Kmper Lane at McMillan. MT. AUBURN 253riBurnet: 5 -room apart" ment; complete; heat.

AV 2481. NORWOOD 2226 Washington; modern 2- room ernciency; neautiruny rurnisnea; completely equipped; private home. FlEASANT RIDGE 243 Llabon Avenue. A neat and attractive four-room apart ment with a very small fifth room. The second floor of a new two-family brick Automatic water heat and hot water fur tjlshfd.

Tile bath and tile kitchen. Porch off living room. Room for one-car Bum In. Spec for victory garden. 100.

John H. Garner. MAT 3040. POINCIANA BTTTLDTNO Reading Rd. and Hutchlna; 2 rooms, completely equipped on car and bua line.

PrTcE HILL 3 room 2d and 2 rooms 3d; Frlgldare: laundry; adults. WA 0500. ROSELAWN New' 3-Voom" efficiency; 840. 7806 Reading Rd. VA 8733.

TEACHER will share delightful suburban home with refined, intelligent lady; exchanged for companlonahlp and coop eration. Address Box 168, cars The r.nquirer. WA LNUTIULLS 23.V7 ST. JAMEsTveT sxclusive efficiency; 1, or 3 rooms modern In every detail, Including heat hot water, refrigerator, Janitor aervlce near Peebles Corner. WO 9689.

Apartments, Dnluiniihad For Rent 10 9i COMPLETE assortment of fur nished apartments In modern subur ban liuiuimsa at various prices. MR. DlrtTEL, PA 1046 THE TITLE OUARANTEB ft TRUST CO. AVONDALE 3598 WASIIINOTON AVE-; 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, large living room, tile kitchen, needle shower, hardwood floors: heat and hot mater: lanltor service; 3d floor; AV 3-06-6JH. Position! Tot Women 22 (URL- To h'lp In laundry.

Apply Wong I e. 2 Broadway. HANI) PKESSER8 Eaperlenc-d on mens preferred, will take a f-w learn-'ra wli- have had laundry hand lr--n ln experience; liKht. ateadv work In clean silrrmindmce at g-'t salar-. Ap My Hl-'M' HRI MMKLL TIES, 410 M- M.iian St, HUl'SEKEEPEK ANI)OOoiv Reiponaiiile Li lie on premisea; wanted by a family of 3 adults; pleasant and friendly environment; a ciinventenl Incatioo near Madison and Observatory Roada, Hyde Park.

Will Consider paving $lia1 pet munlh to wall-qualified pers-m. Address Box 181. rare The Enuulrer. HOUSEKEEPER White, middle agad, rata for aeml-lnvalid mual stay; no laundry. Phone VA 6738.

MAID For care of child, light housework; no laundry or cooking; experience un-necessarv. Call MA 5283 or come to drew Tower. Room 1631. NI'RSE (list aid and clerical oflice work: permanent poaltlon; atate age, ex perieoce and salarv expected. Addreaa Box 19t.

rare The Enquirer. SAl.E8DAt.lE8 Regular work for ladlea' readv-to-wear and men'a haberdashery Addreaa Box 181. care The Enquirer. BALES1.ADIES Permanent posltlona; re tail eserlenca helpful; eaay noura. Apply Mr.

Barton, 714 Enquirer Bldg SECRETARY To executive of established concern now doing war work. Permanent position. Excellent working conditions, 40-hour week. Address Box 183, care The F.nquirer, stating age, experience, education and salary expected. Must Comply with WMO Regulations.

SODA D1NPEN8KR Experienced (or Sat urday and Monday evenings only, 6 -12 good hourly rate, Putmana, Vine. Iijiwrjisiiii'iiiiiiiijiiipiiiil! Itliiillihiiliril.iilljiulijiii Will ll'IH! SOLDERERS ASSEMBLERS 20 to 40 years of age Experienced on radio or other small electrical assemblies. Musi romn'y "with WMO taguTiTloBr. DAYTON ACME CO. 926-930 York St.

STENOGRAPHER Adptbl to Kfnrttl offir work, inchnllnc J'HX, In iimn II, ntnclflrn war plum; pout-w-ir opportunity wtth lrtal mploymint. prtgrnm anrl comtltlnni. WlU cumlder Well ruin eel beginner. THE RANDALL CO. 6000 Spring Grove Av.

ilKUABLE Olftl- Light house-kerning and laundry; o(f Sundays; excellent wtigea. HE ardW. WOMEN r.aiierleneedi while. Alma and Dnepke II HQ Main SI. SALESMAN Prlnllng and stationery Anolv between and 11 30 A.


1100 HAIiRIfiON AVIG. SKE MR. IIOI.UB. STENOGRAPHER Good salary and steady position. Apply in person.

SQUIRES 415 Vino. HTENOOItAI-IIER. Most he skilled In typing and abort hand; email Valley war plant with poalwar fu-litre; permanent Job. (all I IINlfl. HTENOURAPHER Experienced; perma nent; eaaenllal Industry; pleaaant wor-Ing conditlona; preler living near 8t.

Bernard. AV 1H3.V 8TENOORAPIIER Permanent )oh; 40-hour week; give referencea. Addreaa Box 188, rare The F.nquirer. Typist or Stenographer Experience with Edlphone or dictaphone; desirable but not compulsory. Will train.

Pleasant Working Conditions. Good Post-War Future Assured. The Kirk Blum Mfg. Co. 2838 Spring Grove Ava.

Kl D230. TYPIST AND FILE CLERK Experience) not necessnry. Permanent position. I'lsaae stale aga and eupcrinnre If any. Ad-dreaii Box 177, cnr The Enquirer.

TYP1BT With knowledge of ahorthand, light dictation; aeveral yeara' experience necessary; good future. 1015 Vine Room 204. PA J460. WOMEN! Start The New Year Right CROSLEY CORPORATION ASSEMBLER- SOLDERERS Apply today and let us explain this interesting, important work. Earn hile you learn and don't think you can't do the job because you have had no previous working experience.

Capable, patient instructors will teach you the work. Applicants must comply with WMC regulations. Bring birth certificate or other suitable evidenca of citizenship. Bring statement of availability. Interviews between the hours of 8:30 A.M.

to 9.00 P.M. daily except Sunday. TROLLEY CARS No. 1 6 and No. 1 7 to Employment Of fice, 3401 Colerain Gn-cinnati, Ohio.

22 TYPISTS -8 Wanted St raUht work; good saN ary; lianenl postwar work; encellesjQ nossilmllies for advatv'rment. Must con-plv with MC rc-ilui'ions. Apply Inn-m. dlanly. R.

1., Piji.k CO, Third Hcor 128 E. Sixth St. TVPIT who can some dictation; ex. eeilent future, mil, old establUhed ram-paoy. Teleidione hi 18011, line 3.19.

oe eonie to the Procter A l.ambie Co. Administration and (spring ir.n, Itnrydale. Must comply wits) sic rexulationa. l'lST-STKNOi i Ft APHER. GENERAL OFFICE WORK: PERM.

NENT POSITION; OOOD FUTURE; KITE, (iiVE PHUNK, BUSINESS EXPERIENCE; COMPLY WITH WMO RKiH'LATIllNS. ADDRESS BOX 1, CARE THE TYPIST -For eiiablished trucking company ti work full or part time. WA 62O0. WAITRESS For cafeteria; no Sunday work: houra 10 A. M.

to 8 P. M. 41 1 Elm Street. WAITRESS Middle aged woman: night work. Apply at pop's Cafe, Bank and Western.

WAITRESS A NTE jTperienced; 2 ftej 35; 4 nights a weak. Joe's Ca(e, 2518 Vln at. AITRI.Ss EH St mlt Rewt arant. 1 1 06 E. 1 1 laB.W 0 8604.



Address Box 1M. care The Enquirer. PLACE Near Montgomery, Ohio; muat have own car; good wages, references reoulred. For Interview call MA 24S7. rfl I PI Pot "ni a Iron" for" emauTinaTlti? VVUf U.L.

(on fllr children; live In; maB. run nave outaine oi'cupation during dayi jood refereiu-ed Apply weekdays be tween 10 or 11, or write 3149 Harvey Avenue. MAN A SID WIPE for maintenance anil conking; steady work; fair aalarv. Phone 49'J or write Otterbeln Home, Lebanon, Ohio. fotilioni For Men 21 ARTIST WANTED Versatile, experienced In Industrial agency work.

Opening created by expanding clientele. Permanent lo right man. Hood salary. Opportunity to advance. Call In person or write, giving full particulars In first litter, Muat Comply With WMO Regulations.

THE PARKER AriWRTISINO Dayton, Ohio. ArtSt.Mltl.l.ll OK 1SE HAND To work im auiiill pumps and pnetimntle tonlaj mual comply with WMO rrgnlatlona. ROW I.MilNEEKIMl die and Hliidr Klmwood. BARHER wanfing to change Jobs; good deiensa and atee town. Apply feihufers Barber Shop, flhelhy, Ohio.

BARHER Steady; good Job: fifth-floor barber shop: Union Central Building, Fourth and Vine. BAIlltl'lH- Permanent poaltionl will consider artm-rxlil. Address Box 20, care The En-piirer. A It I EN III RSWANTKIl. 41! E.

FI Kl ST. BKI.I. MOVS-'Whiti-T "Apply "personHal manager. Alma Hotel, boy" or rk; well eatabllshed eaaentlal Indua- try permanent. 71110.

i-'all AV 68.57 or jca HllllllMl MA.Wl.KK for downtown urllce building; arrliilretlira-l or mechanical eilgllhrnng background previous management experience mil necessary; ttnle full fncta In letter. Ad-dre 127, rare The Enquirer. CLERK (or bowling lanes; salary 115 per week. Apply at MERllARD'8 employment oflice. 1.TJJ E.

McMillan. LEAN, reliable colored man for Ice cream factory; Rod aalnry; ateady work. A p-)l at 2148 Rrailing Rd. CLOTHING SALESMAN Muat have experience In retailing selling; guaranteed lio week with bonus and ain-ata: all holidays paid, also one week's vacation with pay; also about two men to manage a retail clothing store and to take a turnover. Apply at once.

Address Box 188, care The Enquirer. Colored Truck Loaders Steady, essential work; can earn up to $50 weekly salary; helpers on city waste collection; out of town; transportation free; place to stay. Apply 917 PROVIDENT BANK BOIL OINO. porter and stock man wanted In printing plant. Apply The Todd HAD Slilh Mt.

COI.oHKIi MAN- Dishwashing and porteT; daytime: no Sunday. Putman's, 628 Vine. UKNTIdt- start at 890 w-ek; give age and experience. Wire collect. Dr.

Kn-d Ilithman, 301 Roosevelt Building, Indianapolis, Ind. I I II A sTl KR excellent salary: slearly work. LKRMAN'8 Avondala Reetnurant, 3911 ReadlngRi1. niBHWASHER wanted; ira'nigFt or Sunday work. 28 W.

Ogden Place, City. EXPERIENCED WOODWORKING MACHINTB, HAMDS STEADY ISSF.NTIAL DincNSB WORK Muat comply with WMC. Apply Mr. Karreman or Mr. Johnson.

M. B. FARRIIM LUMBER CO. 4841 Station Winton Place. Experienced Linoleum Layer fltfadv yenr-rounrl prultlon; $73 for hour wnk, Apjity BARRAR FLOOR COVERING COMPANY, 208 Nnrth Main Daytnn, Ohio.

f'OOTWKAR blVISION ofrafis1rubrTeT con.p-my wants traveling representative for Bouthwrstem Ohio; salary baats; excellent postwar possibilities; shoe experience dealrshle Give full details In letter. Box 124. care The Enquirer. FOREMAN -Familiar with small lathes and drill press work. Able to make fixtures and supervise production.

Salary. Automatic Screw Machine Setup Man to take charge of night ahtft; small shop, Muat be able to maintain Aetna Automatics. Muat furnish statement of availability If employed In essential Industry. Excellent working conditions In Bear-by town. Interview In Cincinnati.

Address Box 188, care The Enquirer. GENERAL FACTORY WORKERS To work on production lines. Must comply with WMC regulation. THE RANDALL CO. 5000 Spring Grov Avt.

Laundry Superintendent Experienced; good position; state past experience, references and ex pent ed. Addreaa goi L. 17, tart Th Ioulrec. Position! For Women I.I fclvEN, Naicy R.ith CiF.IMA. John ORTMAN.

Kathryn Hr.F.ME, John Hol.MFS, France LtlsING, Veronica VOIJv. Louie KlNNIMEi ER, Ellnbetb. HtENEKEl-D, Clarence Arrangements In charge of IU. flack Johnson iaiCSiuOlJL aU- McMILLAN and UPLAND PLACE WOodburn 0474-0475 Harry Meyer Sons HAREY, RALPH, JOSEPH. 4989 Ulenway Ave.

t23 Chateau Ave. WA 4144. Wi 022s. THOMAS FUNF.RAL HOME. MADISONVlLLli.

Gordon Burt FUNERAL HOME Wrassmann Barfknecht 2625 Gilbert Ave, 1421-23 Main HL WO SM. CH U338. Central Parkway at Cllllon Hills Una. freeman. PA 4487-4488.

TP.EDWAY Funeral Home Established 1892. 2131 Cameron Ave. Norwood. Ohio. MS 0311.

Kodapp Funeral Homes Hamilton at Elkton. 7401 Vine, Klrby 1040. VAIley 0806. The people that lot in darkneu taw a great liifht. 1943, John Howard Harris.

JOVICS Sarah A. Jones, at her residence, 1x2.1 henit Covington. Mon day, December 27, 1943. Funeral r. Ices private at the Swetnam funeral home, 1515 Scott Covington, Wednesday, December 29, at 3 p.

m. Burial In Highland Cemetery. JORI1AN Adolf M. Jordan, formerly of NewDort. husband ot the late Louise Lamue Jordan and beloved father of Charles J.

Jordan of Minneapolis. Minn Bsturdav. December 25. 194a. in lilt 811th year.

Funeral from the Rebold funeral home, Harrison and westwood Falrmount, Wedneaday, at 10:30 a. m. Friends may call Tuesday after 4 p. KOKHKL M.irle Elizabeth Koehel (nee biacholfi. formerly 25X5 Trevor be-loved wife of the late William Koehel dear mother of Mrr.

Walter c. Sand and William C. Koebel. grandmother of Mrs Father Sand Price and aunt of William Biachoff, Sunday, December 28, 194.1, at the residence of her daughter, 3352 Mc- Fadden In her 85tb year, runerai fnra the Wain Bolton funeral home, 3042 Harrison Westwood, Tuesday, December 28, at 2 p. m.

KKOfc-M'-rl Fred Kroener, at his residence, Mainevllle, Ohio. Saturday, December 25, 1943. Funeral from Tufts funeral home. Lovcland, Ohio, Tuesday, December 28, at 2 p. KKONK Emll Krone, beloved husband of the late Anna M.

Krone and beloved mother of Adalbert and Kmtl Krone, Jr. Mondav. December 27. 1943, al his resl dence. 3455 Dury Avondale.

Friends mav call at the Clarence A. Balt-r fu neral home. 3412 Clirtcn Clifton Thursday, from 4 to 10 p. m. Services Friday, December 31, at 11 a.

m. LALLY Jane Lally, Funday, December 28, frtrmeriv of 1103 Snrine St. Fu neral from J. J. Sullivan Co.

funeral home. 1336 East McMillan at Bell pi. ReoiMcm high maaa St. Xavier Church, WeifWeadav. December 29.

at 9 a Young Ladles' Sodality will meet Tues day at 8 p. m. LEMltfON Mattle Marie Lemmon, beloved daughter of Ida Renaker Iymmnn and the late Benjamin Lemmon and Bister of Mrs. Edith Whlteman, Robert, fred ana Edward Lemmon, Monday, December 27, 1943. Services at Thomas funeral home, 4418 Whetiel Madlsonvllle, Wednes day, December 29, at 2 p.

m. MARKl'S Ella Markus, beloved daughter of the late Christian and Mary Marnus (nee Dreaainel and sister or itoneri Markus, Sunday, December 26, 1943. Funeral at Dalbert tt Dunkman funeral home. Wedneaday, December 29, at 2 P. ra.

Mc ONNKLL Cora Lake McConnell (nee Waxler, widow of Elbndge Mcconnell, at the realdence of her daughter, Mrs Carl H. Reusch, 11 Floral Court, Fort Ttomu. Kv. Funera Wedneaday. De cember 29, 1943, fiom the Dobbllng fu nera home.

108 south Fort Thomas ave at 2 p. m. Interment Spring Grove Cemetery. MILLER Gertrude Irene Miller (nee Wallace), beloved wife of the lata An drew R. Miller and mother of Mrs.

Wll-J. "Alice" Burna. Mra. Joaeph W. "Jeanette" Trentman, Virginia, Dorothy and Richard T.

Miller. Sunday, December 26. 1943. Funeral Thursday, December 30 at 8:45 a. from realdence, 1629 Dauner ave.

Requiem high mass at Bt Mark Church at :15 a. m. Member of St. Ann Altar Society of Bt. Mark and Our Lady of fit.

John Auxiliary No. 94 Memhera of Third Order of Bt. Dominic will meet Wednesday evening at p. at residence. OHTMAN Kathnm Ortman (nee Broil).

beloved wire of the late Bernard Ortman and devoted mother of Mary Louise and Benlam June" ortman. Bunnay, De cember 26, 1943, residence, 1037 Central Newport. Funeral Wedneaday, December 29, from the realdence, at 8:30 a. m. Solemn requiem high mass at Corpus Chrlatt Church at 8 a.

PATTERSON Alex Patterson, beloved father of Mra. Walter R. Brown, beloved brother of Mlsa Martha Patterson and beloved grandfather of Richard A Brown, Tuesday, December 21, 1943, In his 79th year, residence, Sedam and Bold Face drive. Funeral from the Vltt and Sterner Falrmount funeral home, 1824 Westwood Tuesday, December 28, at 2 p. BOF.BI.INO Taura Boebllng, beloved daughter of the late Henry, C.

P. and Theodocla Brooks Roebllng, beloved ala-ter of Roae and Millard Roebllng: realdence, 4225 Foley Price Hill. Funeral from Vltt ft Stermer Western Hllla funeral home. 3428 Harrison Cheviot, Tuesday, December 28, 1943, at 1:30 p. m.

i ROSEN4CKTO Frank KRsenacker, Sr. beloved husband of Mary Anken ha nee Roaenarhae. beloved father Of Mary Heakamp, Christine Meyer, Frank! joaepn Pfc. uiarence nosr-n-acker, paaaed away Saturday, December 25, 1943, In his 74th year; realdence, 1949 Washburn ave. Friends may call at the Dhonau funeral home, Knowlton's Corner, Northalde, after 4 p.

Tuesday, December 28. Solemn requiem high mass St. Boniface Church, Wednesday, December 29, at a. m. St.

Boniface Men's Society will hold services at the funeral home, Tuesday, I p. m. Aunt Rose Re- bold-Rudemiller (nee Beckmann), widow of John Rudemlller, Saturday, December 25, 1943: residence. 2608 Liddell at Funeral from the Rebold funeral home, Harrison and Westwood Falrmount, Tuesday, December 28, at 3:30 p. m.

SC'IIOONB Albert ff. Schoone, beloved husband of Norah B. Jordan Schoone and father of Bill, Ray Schoone and brother of Loula Eugene and F.inlie Schoone. Sunday. December 26, 1913.

at residence. Neeb Delhi Hill, Funeral from the Fuldnar mortuary, 421 Arrh Wednesday, Decern Der at 10:30 a. m. L7T Jrl hiwnbemer I JlelonnaU Wke Kiifletniller- Behold anwel sen aa aa.

The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio (2024)


What is the largest newspaper in Cincinnati Ohio? ›

The Enquirer has the highest circulation of any print publication in the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

How much does the Cincinnati Enquirer cost per month? ›

*After 3 months, Sunday-Friday Print Delivery + Digital will be $35/month. The Sunday Only Print Delivery + Digital will be $19/month after 3 months. The Sunday + Friday Print Delivery + Digital will be $30/Month after 3 months.

How do I stop my Cincinnati Enquirer for vacation? ›

You can cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 1-800-876-4500.

Is Cincinnati Ohio a nice place to live? ›

Cincinnati is a city in Ohio with a population of 308,870. Cincinnati is in Hamilton County and is one of the best places to live in Ohio. Living in Cincinnati offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. In Cincinnati there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.


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